Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity (softcover)

Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity (softcover)


Shame literally spins us around as isolation, hopelessness, and self-condemnation, become our constant companions. 

God breaks into the cycle, taking our shame and spinning it into his forgiveness. 

As we are cleansed and set free, our lives become fresh and fully alive. 

Spun out on Shame?  Reclaim Your Sanity will take your through a journey of exchanging shame for freedom...the life you were meant to experience...because "You were Meant for More!"

Just as washed clothes are hung out to dry in the fresh air, likewise, God wants us to experience a fresh start by going through His “wash cycle,” spun out to dry, and then hung in the fresh air.  

As He washes us with water of His Word, dirty shame is removed for a clean, fresh start…living an abundant life He always meant for us to live!


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