Our Dad is Not Mad: Trust Reclaimed (softcover)

Our Dad is Not Mad: Trust Reclaimed (softcover)


We look out into all the world and see suffering all around us.  We wonder what kind of a dad would allow his child to experience a world like this, one full of pain and torment.
It’s pretty simple to assume that our Dad is Mad.

Perhaps the suffering isn’t only out there, but on the inside. Perhaps it was your earthly dad as he betrayed your trust, crushed your spirit, or abused your body.  In your child-like state, you couldn’t help but make the connection that your heavenly dad is just like your earthly dad, he’s mad.

Maybe you were lucky and had an amazing dad.  But, life happened, and as one challenging experience after another hit you, the thought began to emerge more often that you must have done something wrong and your dad must be. . . mad.


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