Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You

Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You


What does a dried dandelion have to do with an identity crisis?  Everything, if we stop looking at it from a gardener’ perspective but find its hidden value instead.  The identities we adopt from the world are like dandelions the gardener fervently attacks before they dry up into the perfect ball of seeds, which spread all over the yard when the wind begins to blow.

If we think about our enemy, the Devil, as the gardener, we begin to understand his motive is to convince us that our identities are worthless weeds: throwaways when compared to the beautiful rose bushes right next to us.  Our enemy, the gardener, thrives when we agree our identities are discarded weeds, rather than boldly proclaiming our true identities from the Master Gardener: the Creator of the Universe.

To reclaim is to take that which is worthless and make it beautiful and productive again.  An overgrown garden with dried dandelions can appear to be worthless.  However, when the Master Gardener begins to blow the seeds, our lives suddenly “wake up” and start to take root in gardens we never dreamed we could inhabit.

You are a flower your Creator has hidden in his garden until the very moment he reveals your value and your beauty, both to himself and to the world.  One day your reclaimed dandelion seeds will be blown into places that surprise and astound you as they make their imprint on the world.

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