40 Days of Preparation for Easter 

Joining Jesus' Journey to Jerusalem

Do you ever wonder what it must have been like to be one of Jesus' disciples during his earthly ministry? Take the opportunity to identify with their great adventures through discovering their opportunities and challenges in following Jesus.

Along the way, you may discover a new depth of Jesus' identity as God's Son and Savior to Humanity, as well as deepen your true identity as God's beloved child and royal heir.

Warning: You will not be the same at the end of the journey!


Week 1

Jesus' Identity Affirmation and Challenges



Week 2

Jesus Redefines the Family



week 3

Jesus is our Brother



Week 4

Jesus Equips His Disciples



Week 5

Jesus' Journey to Jerusalem



Week 6

Preparation for the Cross




Week 7

Resurrection Sunday: Living into Jesus' Resurrection Power