40 Day Journey to Freedom

Jesus came to give us the "great exchange" as he invited us to move from orphans living in fear to living as beloved children in his Father's family! 

In our 40 Days Journey to Freedom, we will focus on the Great Exchange between:


Fear to Faith Fireplace
Darkness to Light
Loneliness to Love
Sickness to Health
Debt to Abundance

Insignificant to Important
Shame to Celebration
Robbery to Restoration
Death to Resurrection


Week 1




Week 2

Turning From Fear to Faith



week 3

Turning from Darkness to Light



Week 4

Moving from Break-in to Breakthrough



Week 5

Turning from Loneliness to Love



Week 6

Moving from Debt to Abundance 




Week 7

Turning from Hopelessness to Hope




Moving from Death to Resurrection