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Unboxing God

Have we tried to keep God in a box?

Our culture is in the midst of a momentous cultural shift. On the spiritual side, we are rapidly moving from a churched season to a post church culture. This transition is creating both challenges and opportunities. We can move into fear or despair, or we can embrace the new season by inviting God to reveal himself to us in a whole new way.

Are you willing to take the risk and experience the faith adventure of a lifetime?


Could This Be You…


Unboxing God: Reclaiming Faith in a Post-Church Culture will speak to you if you recognize yourself  in one or more of these statements!


I am so tired of doing the “right things for God” but not seeing results


I’ve been deconstructing my faith but feel ready to embrace a new pathway


I want to hear God speak to me

I am weary of “going to church” when I want to learn how to “be the church”


I am eager to experience God and his miracles


I’ve stopped going to church but still long for the community and worship.  How do I find it?

I am in ministry, but find myself disillusioned and questioning the model of institutional church


Faith practices that used to give me fulfillment just seem to be boring now


Jesus invited us to “seek first his Kingdom” but I don’t know what that means or how to do it




Join author and former pastor, Tamara J. Buchan, as she journeys through her surprise invitation to leave the "church building" and to discover Jesus' Kingdom ways.  Imagine her chagrin to discover that God was showing her the door, asking her to leave her familiar and fruitful church life.  Walk with her as she experiences great disequilibrium, confusion, and even grief.  Come around the bend to see the light begin to shine, as she uncovers the hidden ways of the Kingdom and discovers that Jesus' Kingdom ways are simpler, lighter, and a whole lot more fun than she ever imagined.  Along the way, connect with your own story and consider where God is inviting you to walk as we navigate this tremendous transition between the long held Church Season and emerging Kingdom Age.

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What Others have to say…

Two kinds of explorers. There are those who return from their exploits saying, “Wow, you should’ve seen what I saw.” Then there are those like my friend, Tamara Buchan, who return with a map guiding others to the place of her discovery.

Author of Jim and Casper Go to Church
Executive Producer of Jim Henderson Presents

As one who has had a love hate relationship with the institutional church and those who seek to perpetuate it, I resonate with Tamara because I’ve often thought there has to be more to faith than “going to church.


Tamara J Buchan is the Founder and Director of Reclaim Initiative. Tamara completed seminary and was ordained in the Evangelical Covenant denomination. She experienced years of fruitful and fulfilling ministry experience when her path took a very unexpected turn, leading her to break down her boxes around God and her life of faith. Her life has never been the same!

Tamara birthed Reclaim Initiative in 2013 to support, equip, and resource the Body of Christ to reclaim their identities, lives, and generational destinies. Her passion is helping people discover the treasures hidden within them, as they walk together in Kingdom community. She has written nine insightful books on identity and the Kingdom, available here.

Tamara and her husband, Bill, live in beautiful Morrison, Colorado with their two puppies. They have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and two young grandchildren, who keep them very blessed and busy!

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