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Founder and Director of Reclaim Initiative


"I sit here wondering what you’d like to know about me."  

I could tell you about my credentials, I have them, but every day they seem to mean less and less, as I choose to respond to the Profound Invitation by the God of Heaven.


I could tell you about my Passions.

I like to dream. BIG

I like to challenge people to reach their true fulfillment, and then walk with them to support the courageous steps they take in reaching their destiny.

I like to create movement because I believe that if we stop growing in our faith we are actually going backward.

I like the feeling of “you understand that too?”.  The instant community that takes place in a room full of common hearts and passions.



I think it’s better than talking at times because I never know where it will end up.

Wanna know a secret? I have this dream that one day my great, great grandchildren will read something I’ve written and it will move them to become amazing people that not only love God, but partner with Him.

I persevere. Good thing, because I could write a book (oh right, I did write a book!), about all the challenges that lead to writing Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You. 

I could have let my life circumstances identify me.

But, I decided to believe God over my circumstances, even when it meant letting go of the dreams I carried.


My Earthly Credentials


See...I told you I had them.


Education, Accreditation, & Experience:

  • Graduated from Denver Seminary with a MDiv and Leadership Speciality
  • Ordained with the Evangelical Covenant
  • Birthed and Led the Journey Project and Missio Lux
  • Led and Developed Ministries from Children’s Ministries to Adult Spiritual Formation, Healing and Recovery and Transformational Leadership.
  • Launched and Developed Reclaim Initiative