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is a nine-month journey for both men and women in a trusted community via retreats, one on one prayer sessions, and small group video conferencing to help you reach new depths of intimacy, trust, and authority with God.

We believe we were meant to experience generational blessings, passing them on to future generations. Instead, we often live the destructive results of what those in our family lines pass on to us. It’s on God’s heart to reveal these often hidden areas and free us from them, so we can experience the life He designed for us!

The Reclamation Journey offers you ongoing support for your challenge of life and faith in the 21st century. 




Months 1 - 3 
Unlock the Blocks and Treasures of your Past to Shape your Present


Months 4 - 6 
Make your Whole Life Count by Accessing your Personal Potential and Resources for Fulfilling Your Life and Destiny.


Months 7 - 9
Design and Implement a Generational Legacy Plan, leaving your mark on the world for decades to come

After experiencing my “Unlocking the Blocks and Treasures of My Past” prayer time, I am sitting here in awe of how my world has shifted overnight. I realize now that with the amazing support within the Reclamation Journey, I can take the steps to reclaim my life and generational legacy.
— Patti

With a combination of retreats, huddles, and one on one prayers and coaching with our dynamic Reclamation Guides, you will experience nine months of transformational equipping, leading you into personal breakthrough, moving you out of frustration into a place of freedom and fulfillment!


2019 / 2020 Retreat Dates

  • September 13-15 Unlock Your Blocks and Treasures from Your Past

  • January 10-12 Make Your Whole Life Count!

  • April 3-5 Peer Forward to Impact Your Legacy

Consistent connections give you the support you need to experience the full integration of your new life.


Flexible design means we created the Reclamation Journey to compliment your busy lifestyle making your full participation possible, no matter where you live!


The retreats require your presence in the Denver area, but huddles and one-on-one’s take place remotely.


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The Reclamation Journey is an answer to my prayer for over a year. The new Kingdom lenses, the encouraging teaching, the consistent support and camaraderie of the participants all combine to give me the courage to pursue the King and His transformational Kingdom ways.
— A

Meet the Team



Reclaim Founder and Director
Tamara is a tenacious pioneer unafraid to step into new territory. After a decade of ministry within the church as an ordained pastor, she responded to God’s call to move beyond the boundaries of the church to meet people where life happens! She’s developed a number of creative initiatives focused on reclaiming identities, lives, and destinies. Tamara’s current focus moves beyond the familiar to encounter Jesus the King.

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JEva Marshall

Reclamation Journey Team Leader
Jeva is passionate about serving people. She deeply desires to see others discover their beloved identity according to God the Father and to see people live out their divine design. As a Registered Nurse, she walks the difficult paths in life with others, whispering God’s truth into their ears. She enables others to connect with heaven for Kingdom strategy and provision for their earthly problems. She acts as a catalyst to create restorative movement in the lives of others to set them free. Jeva was designed to delight in the mountains, and she loves to hike and ski. She is married to Jay, and together, they have two grown sons.

I’ve had amazing, exhilarating breakthroughs with new awareness and ability to hear God speak. My gifts are being recognized and brought to life as I’m able to get rid of past junk that has kept me stuck. Starting the Reclamation Journey is the best decision I’ve made in over a decade!
— E

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