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Some felt stuck. Some were driven by a hunger to be connected to Jesus beyond anything they’d ever experienced. Some were dissatisfied, knowing the things that used to give them joy now fell flat. Some were desperate to see transformation in their lives and family. Some knew God had directed them to this very place and they needed to pay attention or they would miss something really important.

No matter their starting point, all came ready to embark on their own Reclamation Journey!

When the day came to launch our first 9 month Reclamation Journey, my partner and I waited in eager anticipation because we knew that we were no longer in status quo. Jesus had invited us to experience more we could ever imagine!

Our hearts pounded with anticipation as they came through the door, one by one. Most had never met one another but little did they know by the end of their 9 month journey to Reclaim their Identities, Lives and Generational Legacies, they would not only know and befriend one another but they would become wonderful “traveling companions” on their new lives of faith.

Our 9 month journey was filled with unexpected surprises:

  • Individuals quickly united to become a community of kindred spirits walking in the same direction

  • God’s extended invitation to come up through the open door into heaven to experience the supernatural realm

  • We discovered the simplicity of the kingdom and how one small act can have profound impact that can change the trajectory of history

  • We learned just how BIG the transition is between the Church Season and the Kingdom Age

  • And oh, so many other surprises!

When we gathered on our final “official” gathering, we recounted all the ways God had met us and shared his good gifts with us. As we finished, we almost couldn’t part for the glory of God’s presence amongst us was so tangible. We celebrated: everyone made it to the finish line, each person wanted to move forward as part of the Reclaim community, and some were desirous to pay it forward to others so they, too, could experience the wonder of a 9 month journey getting to know King Jesus in all his majestic and mysterious ways!

Those desiring to pay it forward have joined the Reclamation Journey Team and are preparing themselves to be Guides, Teachers and Reclamation Prayer Agents so we can offer a new Reclamation Journey launching in September 2019!

By now, we hope we’ve captured your imagination and desire to find out more.

Practical Questions about the Reclamation Journey:

  • What is the main objective for the Reclamation Journey?

We are in the midst of a historic transition from the Church Season to the Kingdom Age. Although transitions can be challenging, they are also opportunities for God to reveal himself in new ways, for miracles and supernatural encounters to increase dramatically, and for new pathways for knowing God to be created.

The Reclamation Journey recognizes that in order to rise into the challenge of embracing the new Kingdom Age, God’s beloved kids need an atmosphere of support to discover what God is saying and doing, and equipping and resources to be able to follow him in it.

Our objective is to provide a safe, supportive environment and a challenging equipping path because when we experience equal amounts of support and challenge, it always leads towards kingdom breakthrough. We discover we are living the abundant life Jesus invited us to experience!

  • What are the three focuses?

We have three segments designed to help us to make our whole life count.

  • Fall: Unlock the Blocks and Treasures of your Past to Shape your Present

  • Winter: Make your Whole Life Count by Accessing your Personal Potential and Resources for Fulfilling Your Life and Destiny

  • Spring: Peer Forward to Impact your Generational Legacy with Blessings for Decades to Come

During these three segments, we will focus on three areas of growth:

  • Reorientation into the Kingdom Age

  • Development of God’s Identities for us: Beloved Child, Royal Heir and Cherished Bride

  • Reclamation Principles and Practices for our Lives and Generational Legacies

  • What are the three vehicles used for?

We’ve developed a process that takes every learning and personality style and lifestyle into account by combining:

  • In Person Retreats

  • One-on-One Prayer and Guiding Sessions

  • Small Group Interactions entitled Huddle

The one on one’s and huddles meet through Zoom, making the Reclamation Journey accessible for even the busiest lifestyle and distant geographical region.

  • Who does the Reclamation Journey appeal to?

  • Men and women who know there’s more to our life of faith and are willing to commit themselves to “go discover it!”

  • Men and women who want to follow Jesus the King in the ways of His Kingdom within a community of people going in the same direction

  • Men and women who are tired of the theft of generational sins and curses and desire to live generational blessings instead

  • Men and women who know they are GRA’s: Generational Reclamation Agents

  • Men and women who are serious about discovering, possessing and living out their birthright destinies.

  • Why does it last for 9 months? Isn’t that a pretty big commitment?

The move from the Church Season to the Kingdom Age is on the same scale as when Jesus resurrected and Pentecost took place. Suddenly, Temple sacrifices were replaced with meals and worship where everyone has something to share.

Life in the Kingdom is filled with unexpected invitations and new practices. When we have a community of support and equipping and resources for our challenge then we are able to make the journey from living as a church attender to a Kingdom Ambassador invited to Reign with King Jesus on his throne.

  • What happens when the Reclamation Journey is completed?

We are creating a community of committed Jesus followers who are moving in the same direction: following Jesus and his kingdom ways. We meet regularly over Zoom and in geographical locations to support, challenge and resource one another to become all that Jesus invited us to experience.

  • How do I find out more?

Check out The Reclamation Journey on

Taste and See if the Reclamation if for You! Three dates and times to choose from in the convenience of your own home: Reclamation Journey Tasters

Contact me for a 15 minute conversation or in person coffee to discern whether this is a good fit for you!

We can’t wait for you to discover the power of walking a Reclaimed journey. We are here to support you to live the life Jesus invited us to experience!


Check out some testimonies of those who participated in the Pilot Reclamation Journey:


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