Introducing Unboxing God: Reclaiming Faith in a Post Church Culture


Reclaim Initiative is delighted to announce Tamara J Buchan’s new book, Unboxing God: Reclaiming Faith in a Post Church Culture, a moving story of her journey of unboxing God, along with the insightful discoveries she made along the way! - 3 Candelabras Board

Why did I write it?

Because it is time to tell the story of my journey out of the institutional church. Leaving the Church was a surprise to me because in the beginning it wasn’t my choice. But, as time went on, I realized that I had been given a wonderful gift because in the midst of it, God took down all my boxes and revealed himself to me as big, wild and wonderful.

I want to give you an advance preview so I will be sharing a few of Unboxing God’s chapters in coming weeks!

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Book sample:

I sat in the church service devastated. My life and ministry had just been tossed up into the air and were dramatically falling down, piece by piece. As the pastor began to pray, something strange happened. I saw a big refrigerator box in my mind, and then I sensed God say, “You’ve had Me in a box, and I want to remove your boxes.” Then, He took the box and began to rip the box apart, one side at a time. I didn’t realize it then, but this was the start to a wild, wonderful, and often confusing and disorienting ride of my faith.

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