Never Give Up


World Series, Super Bowls, Rock Climbing, Football Playoff Games.  What do they have in common?

Sports, right?

Yes and No.

They are also some of the unique ways God is SHOUTING at those who are willing to listen.


Super Bowl, 2014, was the battle of Goliath vs. David, and David won!  (I wrote about that amazing battle in the post Why Not You.

The World Series was all about the Royals, (God’s title for his beloved children from Romans 8:14-17), playing the Giants and doing things that left everyone astounded. Read World Series or a Modern Day Parable, for insight on God breaking through to our world with his message.

Last week, I wrote the post Rock Stars, about Kevin Jorgeson’s and Tommy Caldwell’s extraordinary feat of climbing the near sheer granite cliff, El Capitan, in Yosemite Park, displaying a never ending depth of dreams, believing they could accomplish the impossible.

GAMEDAY, Sunday, January 18, 2015

On Sunday, I eagerly awaited the football playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.  Seattle played so flawlessly in the previous game against the Carolina Panthers, I believed they would Pummel the Packers.

It didn’t happen. In fact, Seattle looked a lot like the Denver Broncos during the 2014 Super Bowl.  They made mistake after mistake, the quarterback Wilson throwing several interceptions, and barely managing to gain to 14 yards in the whole first half.

I felt prompted to take a shower during half time.  In the shower, I was urged to pray for a shift in the game.  So, I listened and prayed.

I came back to the game, wondering what would happen in the second half.

They looked pretty much the same!  Score:  Packers 16, Seattle 0.

But, something happened.

The Seahawks woke up with just 4½ minutes left in the game.

Suddenly, Russell Wilson could throw again.  The special team did amazing things.  They scored a third touchdown and the score became 20-19 with 90 seconds left to go!

Seattle knew they needed a 2-point conversation or they would most likely lose the game.  Piece of cake….no problem.

Packers got the field goal and the game ended tied.

Seattle won the toss and handily marched down the field, Wilson threw a near perfect pass to Kearse, and even though the receiver was nearly covered by the Packer defender, he caught the ball and Seattle scored the game winning touchdown.

Jermaine Kearse catches the game winning touchdown pass.

Jermaine Kearse catches the game winning touchdown pass.

What Happened During this Game? 

How can a team who played with near perfection in every other playoff game suddenly look like Little League?

How can a team who is dominating suddenly give up 22 points?

Why does a sportscaster who has watched thousands of games make the statement, “This was the most improbable win I think I have ever witnessed?”

  • I believe our loving Heavenly Father was speaking to us about perseverance.
  • He was reminding us to keep our eyes on him and not on the score.
  • He was showing us the power of humility through Russell Wilson’s choice to huddle with six other men on the sidelines to pray after the game, rather than doing the victory dance with the rest of the Seahawks.
  • He was speaking to us through the language of culture and context so that we, like Russell Wilson in the interview following his prayer huddle, could witness to the power of God to change things on a dime.

It’s Never Over Until it’s Over

Can we believe like Abraham, who never gave up believing he would have a legacy beyond anything ever imaginable, even when his body and his beloved wife Sarah’s body, grew old beyond description?

Can we hang onto our dreams like Joseph, even though throughout over half his life, he became a slave and a prisoner, but one day, became the second most powerful man in all of Egypt (a recurring theme throughout my book Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You).

Can we believe in the power of transformation as we observe the massive shift Peter went through as he went from fearful disciple to fearless apostle?

It all depends.


Where are we Focusing?

Are we living life looking down, feeling small and insignificant, or are we looking up and letting God show us his viewpoint?  (Check out my post: The View From the Top in 2015.)

I am choosing to live a Reclaimed Life.

I am partnering with God to take back all the areas of my life which have been stolen from me, where my emotions have been harmed, my reputation disputed, my relationships broken.

I am choosing to persevere in my vocation to partner with God to Reclaim Identities, Lives, and Destinies of his beloved children.

I will never give up.  No matter what happens. 

Just like Russell Wilson spoke after the game on Sunday, I will never give up.

What about you?

How can I pray for you today?

Where do you want to see your Identity, Life, and Destiny reclaimed?

I would love to hear from you because You were Meant for More!

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