Shame's Shameful Effect on our Lives

I recently had a conversation with a man who confirmed for me the reason that I felt compelled to write Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity.” 

He described the cycle of feeling inadequate over a relational situation which caused him to become fearful and to isolate.  He spoke of letting the people around him define his identity and his motivations.  As he listened to their voices, he struggled to hear the voice of his heavenly father.  He began to believe the lie that shame is like a friend, protecting him, wrapping itself around him like a warm blanket.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Shame Entered in the Garden of Eden

I find shame to be one of the greatest life stealers we ever encounter.


In fact, my discovery that shame was the first impact from Adam and Eve’s decision to eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was so transformational, it compelled me to write Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity.” 

Did you realize that once shame entered the Garden, a whole list of relational destructors followed?

I call them “Life Stealers.”

Beating Back the Beast of Shame

Because I believe shame is one of the biggest obstacles for us to live the life Jesus invited us to experience, I am going to spend some time focusing on it.

Watch for interviews with experts on how shame impacts different aspects of our lives.

  • Dr. Rob Jackson, chiropractor, and President and CEO of Back Talk Systems, Inc., will be sharing how shame impacts our bodies.
  • Tom Ryan, writer and teacher, who wrote the foreword to Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity.”  will be sharing his story of how shame impacted his vocation, marriage and family.
  • Kathy Escobar, pastor and writer, will share how shame impacts community.
  • Robert Armitage, father of the Reclaim Family and a gifted retreat leader, tells us how shame impacted his family and what happens when it is eradicated within a family!

I will also be asking some key questions on social mediato hear your thoughts, as well as offering insightful wisdom from people who have struggled with the beast of shame and won!  (Click link to like and follow the conversation on Tamara Buchan's Facebook page.)

Spun Out on Shame Book Cover
Spun Out on Shame Book Cover

And, watch for key highlights and resources from Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity.”  to whet your appetite for how you can live a life free from Shame.

Spun out on Shame? Reclaim Your Sanity”  has videos within it.  Here’s my introductory video:  take a couple of minutes to watch it as you take steps to eradicate your life from the effects of shame.

None of us have it fully figured out.  But, as we connect with one another, telling our stories, sharing our victories and seeking to hear from the one who fully defeated shame:  Jesus Christ, we can live the life he created for us.  One of safety, love, and freedom.

Will you join me on the journey?