Discover Your Secret Weapon for Breakthrough

Remember watching old western movies where the hero pulls his guns out of both holsters and shoots his enemy dead?

Scene from the 1957 movie "Gunfight at the OK Corral."
Scene from the 1957 movie "Gunfight at the OK Corral."

We, as God’s beloved ones, also have a secret weapon to shoot our enemies dead.

Your enemy may be not enough money to pay your bills.

            It could be a health issue that continues to plague your daily life.

                        It may be a relationship challenge that robs you of everyday joy.

                                    It might be a vocational challenge that never changes.

                                                It is possible it is an addiction that sticks tighter than superglue.

Whatever your enemy may be, God has provided a solution.

Our Secret Weapon

I believe one of the best kept secrets to experiencing breakthrough is through fasting.

Now, before you groan and say, “I can’t go three days without food and water, like Esther, or three weeks like Daniel,” hear me out.

Fasting doesn’t have to feel impossible.  It may not even revolve around food.

It is also like a muscle we develop as we continue to practice fasting on a regular basis.  We don’t start running races with a marathon, but most often with a 5k fun run.   Beginning the practice of fasting is like engaging the 5k fun run with our friends!


Here’s some of the valuable realities I’ve learned about fasting through the years:

  1. Ask God what you are to fast from and how long.  I’ve been called to fast from internet, the newspaper, and even exercise, as well as food, wine and coffee!
  2. Don’t try to do it alone. Ask the Lord to give you his supernatural strength.
  3. Fasting is designed to help us remember to pray when we are not experiencing the activity or eating the food we are used to engaging. Their absence prompts us to pray.
  4. Fasting doesn’t only have to be for the “big crisis of life.” Fasting can be a secret weapon to see a co-worker shift in their attitude towards us. It can help to facilitate better communication in marriage or a family. It can identify a stronghold that continually thwarts our ability to move forward. It can change the attitude of a rebellious teen.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up during a fast. Just as we give a child learning to walk encouragement, celebrate the progress you’ve made so far. Positive input spurs further breakthrough.
  6. Fasting doesn’t need to take place during special times of the year, like Lent or Advent. It can happen anytime.
  7. The biggest challenges are at the beginning and end of a fast. It’s harder at the beginning because we are used to engaging the behavior from which we are fasting. The end is challenging because our enemy knows we are close to the finish line and doesn’t want to see his territory taken over.
  8. The physical benefits of fasting are tangible: clearer brain, focused thoughts, and a healthier body.

Fasting Always brings a Breakthrough

I once fasted for a family member and at the end of the time, I got a quiet whisper from the Lord about what had been holding them back.  That whisper led to a prayer I was guided to pray and it resulted in a huge relational breakthrough.  Listen for God’s quiet voice!

God called me once to pray over a situation at the church I was serving.  He asked me to refrain from exercise for two weeks (that was tough) so I could spend that additional time in prayer.  On the final day, I sensed a huge battle take place in the spiritual realm.  God led me through the battle to claim the victory!

Once, before I approached my extended family about an opportunity to do something important, I fasted from sleep by getting up an hour early each day to pray.  What would have been an absolute ‘no’ became a ‘yes’ because I had prepared the atmosphere with prayer and fasting.

Sometimes, we don’t see an automatic breakthrough.  However, we can trust that God has heard our prayers and is working behind the scenes to bring his purposes forward.


Jesus Fasted in the Desert and he Overcame Temptation

I can’t imagine fasting for 40 days.  I get weak just thinking about it!

However, Jesus discovered the secret weapon of fasting in the desert.  His tempter was defeated as he sought to catch Jesus through the temptations of appetite, ambition, and approval.

Jesus succeeded in overcoming the temptations to the point where scripture tells us in Luke 4:13, “The Devil left Jesus for a more opportune time.”    See 5 Stages of Identity coming soon!

Getting Started on a Spiritual Fast

Where are you being Tested?  Where do you long to Breakthrough?

Fasting doesn’t have to be for the smoking gun slinging heroes of the Wild West or the “spiritual people over there.”

Fasting can be your secret weapon too!  Take some time to consider where you are tired of battling.  Ask God if he would like to empower you for a fast.  If you sense a green light, ask him for the specifics of how long and from what. Get ready to see your breakthrough break through!

PS. Another helpful tool for breakthrough is The King Awaits your Answer regarding writing kingly decrees.

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