Discover Why: "You were Meant for More!"

Sunday, January 25, 2015 was a monumental day for Reclaim Ministries and myself!

Book Series Launch: "You were Meant for More"

It was the day the Reclaim Publishing Team and cherished loved ones gathered at Living Free Ministries ( in Golden, Colorado to blow the seeds of God’s Good News announced through the new eBook series, “You were Meant for More!”

RI Relaunch 30
RI Relaunch 30

I found myself very emotional at the book launch as I looked at the beautiful new book cover for Identity Crisis:  Reclaim the True You, as well as the intriguing covers and promotional materials for the first two books in the “You were Meant for More” series:  Green Embraces:  Identity Reclaimed and Spun out on Shame?  Reclaim Your Sanity.

Reclaim books 2
Reclaim books 2

This is why:  I knew deep down the Reclaim Identity message was meant for more blessing than it has received in the past three years.

The Painful Road to Publishing

Early on, I signed with a small publishing house to publish Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You.

It turned out to be one of the most devastating and difficult experiences of my life.

During the three years, I faced tremendous publishing, promotional, and spiritual challenges.  It often felt as if God had kept the book hidden.  Through a painful period of testing, he finally provided an opportunity to cut ties with that publisher at just the right time. God patiently waited until my dear friend, and new publishing partner, Anne Thompson ( prayerfully worked to republish and rebrand the book:  the book cover, the domain names and website (now www., and all the materials.

Blowing the seeds of God's Good News at the launch of "You were Meant for More" eBook series.
Blowing the seeds of God's Good News at the launch of "You were Meant for More" eBook series.

I used to beat myself up as I thought I heard the Lord wrong about my choice of publishers. Then one day, He surprised me by saying, “You didn’t hear me wrong. I led you into that relationship because I wanted you to be at the end of yourself. This message is mine and I needed complete freedom to take it where I want it to go.”

I recognized this idea as true.  I was completely, totally at the end of myself.  After walking through the editing process for “Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You” four times, I was done.

Dying to Self

But, here’s the reality of our lives with God.

He takes us to the point of crucifixion so he can resurrect!

When we die to ourselves and the expectations life has to look a certain way, this is when true freedom comes. God then has the power to move heaven to earth, releasing his dream for that which he has entrusted to us.

Blowing Seeds
Blowing Seeds

For me, it’s a message.  A message that we have been stolen from since the earliest days of our lives….the thief leading us to doubt that our:

  • Heavenly father is for us,
  • He is working to bring about our good, and
  • He can be trusted.

When we begin to doubt God’s goodness, the thief has the ability to steal, kill and destroy us.

Here’s what I’ve learned through the past three years of struggle over the Reclaim Identity message.

  • God is good.
  • He is a perfect father who wants the best for his kids.
  • He is always working to bring about his extravagant love, provision and protection in our lives!

Resurrecting our Dreams

So, why did I title this blog post, “Discover Why Youwere Meant for More?”

What took place with me isn’t unusual.

Your heavenly dad has a dream for you, a calling, a part for you to play that will radically transform the world--in the area where you experience pleasure.

He wants to play.

He wants to partner with you.

He wants to speak just how significant you are….and to bring about everything you need to see it happen.

But, here’s the deal. We have to Believe we are Meant for More. 

Green Embraces:  Identity Reclaimed helps us to discover many of the ways our heavenly dad has moved heaven and earth to show us just how much He believes we were meant for more!

Spun out on Shame?  Reclaim Your Sanity helps to identify how much shame takes us away from God’s heart.

Adam and Eve’s choice to turn away from their dad’s provision from the Tree of Life and toward the alternate route of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, took them into a life of shame and the 12 Life Stealers which resulted from it.

You know them:  fear, hiding, rejection, pain, blame, control, unfulfilled desire, vocational struggle, passivity, hopelessness, even death.  (Read more about the 12 Life Stealers in Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You.)

Taking a Journey to Discover "You are Meant for More!"

So, how about it?

Will you journey with me to discover just how much You are Meant for More?

We’ve designed the “You were Meant for More” book series to communicate to the Millennial generation, so the chapters are short. it’s interactive with video and links to different sites, and includes reflect questions and do something experiences.

They are also priced so everyone can afford them:  just $4.99!

My dream is to see God’s kids realize the truth that “We were truly Meant for More!”

Take a moment to purchase your copies of:

Green Embraces:  Identity Reclaimed

Spun out on Shame:  Reclaim Your Sanity

Printed copies are also available:

Please help us get the word out on these valuable resources: like, share, comment, purchase for yourself or a friend.  Thanks for your partnership in blowing the seeds of God's Good News to the people you know.

Check out the slideshow below for a feel for what it was like at the book launch celebration recently held in Golden, Colorado!