Why Not You?


My family and I awaited the arrival of the 2014 Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks with great anticipation.  The teams playing excited us because we have lived in both Denver and Seattle.  We even made a family bet, split down the middle, with three for Seattle and three for Denver. The loser of the bet would make the winners a dinner that represented the winner’s city!

Watching the Game in the Physical Realm

In my heart of hearts, I believed the Denver Broncos would win because we lived in Seattle for 10 years and none of their sports teams ever did too much worth writing home about.  I also recognized that Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning was like Goliath and Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson was more like the young boy David.

I was pretty stunned, then, when in the first play, Peyton Manning mishandled the ball and Seattle ended up with a safety: 3-0 Seattle, after 11 seconds of play.  It seems it was just the first of many plays where Denver looked like Little League and Seattle seemed to be made of up of All Stars.

Why Not You, Russell?

I hadn’t paid too much attention to Russell Wilson until the Super Bowl.  I did know, however, he’d been playing in minor league baseball a couple of years before, so he didn’t have too much pro football experience.

However, what he lacked in pro football experience, he made up for in identity. His identity was rooted in God confidence because it seems he knows the character and promises of two pretty amazing Dads.  His earthly Dad took the time to help Russell become a man of faith and integrity and his heavenly Dad showed him His promises and gave him the faith to believe them.  Most importantly, his earthly Dad would ask him a question on a regular basis that gave him the confidence to believe that he could do anything!

“Why not you, Russell?  Why not you?”

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

What You Believe Affects Your Destiny

If you believe God loves you and includes you in his family, why should you believe anything different?

It seems, however, we’ve spent far too much time listening to the voice of the thief who steals our identity, and who practices identity theft in our spiritual life.  We start to think everyone else can succeed, but we should lock our childhood dreams away forever because they will never come true.

But, Proverbs tell us:  “Without a vision, people perish.”

Did you know Russell Wilson used to go as a kid to a football training camp the Manning brothers led?

I would bet he had dreams of becoming just like Peyton Manning when he grew up. Yet I wonder if even he seriously believed he would play him in the Super Bowl in the second season of his pro football career, and . . . beat him!

Watching the Game from a Spiritual Perspective

Here’s what I think.

I believe our Heavenly Father created this Super Bowl as a prophetic word to his children.  He wanted us to catch the Russell Wilson mindset and start to ask ourselves the question, “Why not me?”

He wants us to start believing the impossible about our dreams because he is not only the God of impossible, he is our Father who cares about every dream we carry.  After all, he birthed most of them himself.  He wants us to fulfill our dreams because he planted them within us.

reclaim the dream
reclaim the dream

Reclaiming Your Dreams

So, take a moment and think back to when you were a child and no one and no-thing had yet dashed your dreams.

What gave you pleasure?

What made you laugh with joy?

How did you dream about changing the world?

Watch this 45 second clip of Russell Wilson and dream away:  click here.