Crossing the Trust Bridge

We recently went to Redwood Alliance Canopy Tours as a family. Part of the zipline course involves crossing a sky bridge high in the trees. I thought I heard the guide say that we weren’t to hold onto the cables on the side, so I was trying to cross a rope bridge without any support. It was pretty scary and took quite a bit of my focus.

Buchan Redwoods
Buchan Redwoods

It wasn’t until I got to the other side that I realized it was the top cable that I couldn’t hold onto, the side cables were there to keep me from slipping through the spaces between the planks!

God’s Bridge of Trust

I began to think about all the times I’ve cross the bridge of trust with God. It often felt like I am hanging out there without any support, needing to white knuckle my faith to make it to the other side.

But, I know better now that I understand the astounding heart of my Heavenly Dad.

He doesn’t want us “hanging” all alone on the slippery slope of life, he just wants us to take one step of trust to show him we believe his character of faithfulness and promises of provision!

I like to call this process “Crossing the Trust Bridge.”

We take a step and he comes running across the bridge to escort us across.

Facing my Personal Trust Bridge

I was recently faced with a pretty big “trust bridge” opportunity.

Part of the challenge of leading a missional church, Missio Lux, and now leading Reclaim Ministries, is the support structure required to support God’s movement of healing, salvation, and freedom!

Recently, the woman helping me for the past year gave her resignation so she could return to her first love of teaching. I was happy for her but it triggered all my memories of transition with support of technology and administration.

My new IT guru
My new IT guru

Even though my feelings were all over the place, (requiring some kleenex time), my faith stance was one of “I trust you, Father, to bring forth the provision for the technology role.”

Two people came forward. One committed and then backed out. Another seemed interested and then decided not to move forward. When I read her email, I said, “Okay, God, I am out of ideas. I don’t see any way forward here, but I trust you to figure it out.”

Right after I was faced with the choice of turning away from the trust bridge to run down the tree steps or bravely take that first step onto the shaky plank, my friend Julie called me. She mentioned a retreat attendee named Jonathan. He was seeking work. I remembered what he did; and amazingly, it is IT.

I contacted him and we met just hours later. When I explained the role, he showed me his brand new card: Technical and Creative Solutions! (

We both felt an overwhelming rush of our Father’s love for us as we realized how God had orchestrated a true divine appointment of meeting Reclaim Ministries’ need with Jonathan’s desire to serve churches, Christian organizations and 501C’s.

What do you see when you look across the bridge? Fear or trust in the Father?

Walking Across the Bridge

Jonathan started the next week. He is God’s miraculous provision for literally taking me out of the slavery of technology challenge!

Bridge in the trees
Bridge in the trees

My offer was his confirmation that God truly does want to provide the desire of his heart: to offer God’s people the technology and social media help so many of us need!

So, here’s my question to you:

Where are you standing up in the tree challenged to take a step onto the shaky bridge of trust?

What do you see when you look across the bridge? Is it an army of fear and disappointment? Or is it your loving, faithful Dad who is prepared to come running the moment you take the first step?

Share your story; and give us the opportunity to encourage you, or for you to strengthen our faith by your story of the journey across the Bridge of…..Trust!