An Insider's Look at Reclamation Decrees

For many  at the Reclaim Identity Retreat (Part 1), the high point is Thursday morning when we gather to engage our "Reclamation Decrees.”  This part of the retreat gives each participant the opportunity to reclaim an area where they have experienced theft.

Reclamation decree collage 2
Reclamation decree collage 2

It’s always intriguing to discover what mode each attendee chooses to use for their Reclamation Decree.  The creativity continues to amaze us as it comes in the form of created song, rap dancing, paintings, stories written, modeled clay, and even a poster of lips cut from magazines to reclaim a lost voice (lower right image in collage below). 

Dan Skeosch, a retreat participant in April 2014, wrote this poem, Sonship Found, for his Reclamation Decree.  He graciously agreed to allow it to be published on our website:!

Sonship Found

By Dan Skeosch

For so many years I have drifted along

Not really feeling as though I belong.

I have often asked, “God, are you there?

And, how can I know you really do care?”

God, if you are talking, I can’t quite hear what you are saying.

I get so discouraged I nearly quit praying.

God, speak to me now, if You are the One.

He gave me a text addressed to “My Son.”

He said, “An heir to the Kingdom, you’ve always been

For Jesus’ blood has cancelled your sin.”

I heard Him say, “Please don’t doubt my loyalty,

And never forget your bloodline is royalty.”

On my finger He placed a magnificent ring

And told me I am the son of the King

To the bounty of Heaven I have a true right

For the enemy has been beaten, Christ finished that fight.

The chains have dropped off.  I now have a choice

I no longer listen to the accuser’s cruel voice

Restored is the innocence I once had as a boy

I abide with the Father in love, peace and joy.

I thrive in the glow of His compassionate face

I am amazed at the depth of His infinite grace

Yet, when this life is done, it’s not the end of the story

I’ll be with Him thru time in all of His glory.

I'm privileged to witness these reclamation decrees at each Reclaim Identity Retreat (Part 1) and to witness restoration through Christ.

You can join us too and find out what God wants you to reclaim.  Upcoming retreats are regularly updated on my site on the Retreat page.