Sneak Preview to "Identity Crisis" eBook Preface

I am so delighted to give you a “Sneak Preview” to the preface to my new eBook of Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You! coming out in just a couple of weeks. The dried dandelion has great significance to me; I explain more in my last blog post, and below in the preface!


New eBook Preface

What does a dried dandelion have to do with an identity crisis? Everything, if we stop looking at it from a gardener’s perspective and start to understand its hidden value. The identities we adopt from the world are like dandelions the gardener fervently attacks before they dry up into the perfect ball of seeds, which spread all over the yard when the wind begins to blow.

If we think about our enemy, the Devil, as the gardener, we begin to understand his motive is to convince us that our identities are worthless weeds: throwaways when compared to the beautiful rose bushes right next to us. Our enemy, the gardener, thrives when we agree that our identities are discarded weeds, rather than boldly reclaiming our true identities from our Master Gardener: the Creator of the Universe.

To reclaim is to take that which is worthless and make it beautiful and productive again. An overgrown garden with dried dandelions can appear to be worthless. However, when the Master Gardener begins to blow the seeds, our lives suddenly “wake up” and start to take root in gardens we never dreamed we could inhabit.

My prayer for you is that you will begin to understand your value as a dandelion. You are a flower your Creator has hidden in his garden until the very time that he reveals your beauty and your value, both to himself and to the world. One of the most precious things is a child offering a dandelion bouquet to his or her mother, who immediately sees its value, pulls out her fanciest vase and proudly displays her beautiful flowers for everyone to see.

You are that beautiful flower. You have a hidden value that is ready to be revealed as the Master Gardener reclaims your identity and then releases his destiny for which you were created. One day, your reclaimed dandelion seeds will be blown into places that will surprise and astound you as they make their imprint on the world.

The time is now. Let’s discover together how to move out of an identity crisis and to move into a reclamation process, which creates the most beautiful garden ever inhabited.

My grateful thanks go to those who have seen the hidden value in this message. Thank you to all you who have prayed, encouraged, and spread the seeds, and most of all to my two comrades in publishing: Anne Thompson for her faith, creativity, wisdom and steadfastness, and Helen Boyer, who continues to edit to discover the “true weeds” which must be rooted out. I am forever grateful!


Reclaiming the eBook

Thanks for your presence with me as together we seek to reclaim the areas of our identities and lives. I am grateful to Anne Thompson and Helen Boyer who have diligently and prayerfully helped me to “reclaim” Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You!

Come now, Master Gardener, and blow your seeds of truth to the outer ends of the earth!