What People are Saying about 15 Minutes to Focus

I would say one of the biggest impacts for me has been related to my attitude with work.  It has been an extremely challenging environment for the last couple of years, and no other opportunities have been working out, so I have felt "stuck".  Along with that I am also resentful, depressed and generally unhappy around that piece of my life.  While I acknowledge and am grateful that I have a job that allows me to support my family, etc... I definitely was not approaching each day looking at what my purpose was, what it was God had planned for me or how he was using me in the situation.

One week that was particularly helpful was when you challenged us to start each day looking at things through the lens of "What is your purpose for me today and how can I serve?"  I know when I woke up each morning and tried to truly apply that lens, my days were much better and I could absolutely see where I am really needed with this particular team right now.

These calls are exactly what I need at the beginning of my work day because they always help me focus on what I should - God's will and his constant support and blessings. -J Clinton

Tamara's 15 Minute to Focus calls are just what I need to begin my day with a biblical teaching that stretches my mind and my faith to new levels of spiritual growth.  For years I've been seeking deeper meaning in my prayer life and walk with God.  Every day's call leads me to think she is speaking just to me.  Thank you Tamara for providing this sound teaching to focus on my next steps of obedience. -A. Nelson

Just wanted you to know that I'm loving this and my routine now is to get a cup of coffee and lie down next to my sliding glass doors with a dog on either side and focus!  Thank you Tamara for doing these.  They are helpful. -J. Miller


I've been listening to your daily talks on 40 Days to Freedom, and was absolutely amazed and blessed by your October 9th talk on overcoming fear with "perfect" love.  Thank you for sharing what God has put on your heart. -R. Johnston

To me, the morning phone calls have been priceless.  They are a great addition to the course.  All of the topics were very relevant to me personally.  It is a great way to start out each day of the week.  I thought about the messages I heard in the morning all through my day.  Your personal touches made it all the more personal.  One key to this class for me has been connecting personally with the scriptures and these calls have helped me do this.  Thank you Tamara for taking the time, prayer and consideration needed to make this an addition to your course. -M. Janet  

The “15 Minute to Focus” phone calls have been really helpful for me in getting my day started off right.  It really sets the tone for the rest of my day.  I found that I actually really looked forward to getting on the call before I headed to work for the day because it helped me to redirect my focus back on Jesus instead of the different situations that arose at work that were challenging or stressful.  The calls have also helped open up the Bible for me in a really new and exciting way by helping me to think about scripture in a different way than I have before.  I am learning to approach Scripture with more questions and by putting myself in the shoes of those who lived it, causing the passages to come so much more alive for me! This is something I've longed for and prayed for since I was a young teenager. -M. Dawson

"The 15 Minute to Focus Phone Calls are like CPR for my  soul. They refresh, breathe into, and feed the message of my identity as a beloved daughter and heir to the King Most High."  -J. Miller

These morning calls are taken at my desk at work, shortly after I get in at 6:30 and usually before anyone else is in, so it is nice and quiet.

The impact on my spirit and how my day goes is vastly different when I'm not able toattend. Starting off my day with worship, prayer, fellowship and thedaily focus challenge you have been giving us gives me a calm and faith-filledday in probably one of the most stressful places I spend my time. 

It brings me back to what is important to focus on and how much I am loved andblessed and what my calling is – not the stress and emotion packed feelingswhen I look at my work day. I remember to pray more, ask for help more,and be more gracious – usually through much more of my day. -J. Clinton

My heart drops when I think about how the enemy whispers these lies in my head. The area that he has me at most is with my self-worth, in everything I do, the question "Am I capable?" comes up in my head and not in such nice words. 

Every week when I attend the Identity Crisis Study, the evil one works hard on me, filling my mind with the question that hurts the most, "What are you doing? You don't belong? You haven't been a Christian long enough to be here? " 

The good news is I have had lots of proof throughout my life of a loving Father who comes through when the world has not been so kind. And still would love to do the work that needs to be done to get through my self-worth area of break in. -C. Stewart