Identify Your Identity!

Let’s just pretend for a moment.

Let’s pretend that we are enjoying a cup of great coffee and engaging in a dialogue over your identity.  What would you tell me when I ask about your childhood?  What significant experiences shaped you into the person you are today?  What messages did you adopt out of your important family and friend relationships?

As we bite into a delicious scone, I’d ask you to tell me how your faith impacted you through your life.  Did you know God as a child? Or, did you meet him as an adult?  Where is your faith foundation strong and where does it feel a bit shaky? If you believed God could do anything, what would you want to see him do in the coming year?

As we enjoy the Christmas carols playing in the background, what would you say to me when I asked you to share your dreams?  Where are your dreams strong?  Where have they burned in the fire of disappointment? Or, could it be that you are actually walking out your dreams?  Tell me more!

Before we leave, take a moment to sort out where you see identity playing out in our global world?  What about the Christian church in your region, or country?  Where are you praying for change?  What do you want to see God do in the world he created and loves?

It’s possible this scenario could happen!   I am taking a break from the blogging identity interviews for the month of December, but they will start again in January.  If you are a blogger and would like to be highlighted as one of my identity interviews, just contact me at tamara@reclaimthetrueyou.  We may not be actually face to face over coffee; but we can do the next best thing:  connect technologically.

Even if you aren’t a blogger:  I encourage you to consider these identity questions for yourself.  When we take time for observation and reflection in our lives, we enter into greater depth in our relationships, our freedom in our faith and in our ability to live in peace and joy.  My desire is for people to live life aligned with the truth of our Creator, living with his identity foundation, and walking out his Kingdom dreams he planted within us.