Celebrate Leap Day~Do Something Unique!

Frank Viola is celebrating Leap Day, a unique and special day, by giving a unique opportunity.  He is hosting "Shameless Promotion Day" for other bloggers. 

This blog is new, www.reclaimthetrueyou, even though I have blogged for years on www.missiolux.blogspot.org, so I would love for you to know about a blog which points you to the true you; the identity God gives you, rather than letting others: the media, the world, your family and friends, and even the thief, name your identity.

When we discover the "true you" we were created to become, life takes on a whole new meaning. I had a conversation with my new friend, Linda, who told me that now she has her identity in tact, the world has gone from black and white to vibrant, living color.

So, let me ask you, is your world dull grey, black, and full of the colors we find in brilliant sunsets, magnificent rainbows, and underwater seas? 

While you consider this thought, take a moment to link to the following posts and read their take on life and faith.


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Happy Leap Day!