Are you meant for greatness?

Reflections on Joseph

Have you ever wondered if your life was meant for greatness, or have those dreams become ashes in the non-events of the daily routine that seems to lead to nowhere fast?

Have you heard God make promises to you about your life through Scripture or prophetic words or in prayer? Do you begin to discount the promises because they seem too big or impossible? It's so easy to think "I must have dreamt this," or "I made this up because clearly my circumstances aren't pointing this direction."

When I begin to move to those places in my thoughts, I am reminded of Joseph. Joseph is a hero in the Bible because he is one who went through a period of testing that lasted over half his life: being rejected by his brothers, sold off to become a slave in Egypt, being falsely accused by his employer's wife, and thrown into prison because of it.

At that point, he wasn't just a slave, he also became a prisoner. Not a great career path for one who heard his life was meant for greatness. Even when he helped one of his prison mates get out of prison and back into Pharaoh's court, he was quickly forgotten. Joseph was literally in the pit for another two years.

Yet, Joseph knew he had a choice. He could let his circumstances define him, or he could trust God who gave him the dream. He could let anger and bitterness become his constant companions, or he would continue to look at his circumstances as "training" for the kairos (time when God breaks through and time stands still) timing when he would no longer be a slave and prisoner, but he would walk in the place of his destiny.

Joseph chose the path of identity as a beloved son who trusts the Word of his Heavenly Father over his circumstances. He is listed in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11 because he held fast to God's promises over other people's treatment of him. He recognized if he was going to walk in his high purpose he had to walk through fire first; the training was vital. Joseph knew he wasn't God, and he chose to walk it out God's way.

Joseph is a living example of Hebrews 11:1: "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of what we cannot see."

Joseph couldn't see through his earthly circumstances, but his spiritual eyesight was 20/20!

The day came when he was taken out of his prison cell and brought before Pharaoh; the most powerful man in the world. Joseph was ready. He interpreted Pharaoh's dream and immediately he was given responsibility to rule as the number two leader in Egypt. He had the responsibility to create a way for food to be ready for the famine that was prophesied through Pharaoh's dream.

How did he do it?

He didn't let his daily circumstances define his identity. He didn't let the people around him define his identity. He let the Living God continue to speak his identity into Joseph; and he believed his word to him.

He walked in faith . . . sure of what he hoped for, and certain of what he could not see.

How about you? Whose voice is loudest in your life? Is it your circumstances? Is it the people around you; your spouse, your employer, your friends, your children? Is it the loud voice in your head?

Or, is it your Heavenly Father's voice calling you his beloved child, preparing you as a father prepares his children for their life ahead, and training you to be able to reign with him as royal heir?

The choice is yours. Read Hebrews 11 today and be reminded of those who looked beyond the obvious to the extraordinary, and make a decision to have your name added to the list of the heroes of faith!

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