Additional Endorsements

Readers Praise for Identity Crisis

You will find your identity
more captured as a child of God after reading this book.

—Mike Breen, Founder, 3DM
Author of Building a Discipling Culture

With biblical depth, theological richness, personal vulnerability, and experiential challenge Tamara Buchan masterfully invites us to reclaim who we are created and redeemed to be in Christ. Her lively writing style and vivid stories gently drew me into a longing for my true identity. This book will bring comfort, healing, and challenge to so many of our brothers and sisters who are living as spiritual orphans instead of in their true identity as beloved children of the King.

—Howard Baker
Instructor of Christian Formation, Denver Seminary
Author of The One Thing

Spiritual growth begins in love -- the fertile soil that nurtures and sustains Spirit-induced growth. Identity Crisis tends the soil of our souls so that the Spirit can grow us into all we are meant to be. I would like all who choose to follow Jesus to understand the central truths found herein.

—Doreen Olson
Executive Minister for Spiritual Formation
Evangelical Covenant Denomination 

...a work of grace and truth. Our lives are marred by identity theft; and the blight is worse than a criminal snatching social security numbers and bank accounts. We have lost—and forgotten—our very names! Tamara Buchan helps heal that amnesia, delivering the simple truth that God is our Father who names us, invite us into his family, and challenges us to join him on a mission to fix the world. In other words, Identity Crisis resolves the crisis. Buy it. Read it. Give it away. Buy it again

—Mark Herringshaw, Ph.D.
Director Youth With a Mission Associates, North America

... a book that is a reminder of both who we are and whose we are. Her words will encourage you—and challenge you—to enter into a life where your identity is rooted in the truth that you are a child, sibling, and friend of the King. And that life is the “life more abundantly” that Jesus said He came to make possible!

—Keith Ferrin
That You May Know Ministries
Speaker and Author of Falling in Love with God’s Word and Like Ice Cream

Pastor Tamara Buchan writes from her knees, from the deep and often difficult places of her encounters with the Living God. She shares those sacred moments and through her own identity crises we’re drawn into our own stories of searching for our identity and belonging to a loving, Creator God. This is an insightful book for the new believer or the seasoned follower of Christ. Take your time with each chapter and as Pastor Tamara suggests, allow yourself to experience God’s prompting voice with each page, calling to you as His beloved. Someday you will be called to share your sacred moments and from what better place than facing the rootedness of your identity in Christ? Be blessed.

—Beth Yeager

...Buchan speaks freely and fluently from her own living journey and weaves together personal stories, biblical stories and practical experiences into this compelling and risky invitation to live into the life God desires for us.

—John Kiemele, PhD,
Executive Director of Selah Center

Identity Crisis—Reclaim the True You takes us to the beginning of who we are in God and has identified Him as our source of identity, regardless of our race, creed, or gender. This journey is particularly important for us Africans because of our history of political colonization and current experience of economic subjugation—both have affected our perceptions of who we are as people, and how we are to fit into the new global society. Pastor Buchan does not set the American culture as the world standard, but rather she has adopted the Bible as her cultural context making it universal. In this way, all people can relate to God as the Source of all life and living as people.

—Oladotun Reju,
Senior Pastor of the Kingdom Citizen’s Pavillion,
Jos Nigeria

Tamara Buchan has given us a well-written book on the subject of overcoming an identity crisis— an identity in conflict when it’s rooted in the world and not in Christ. This work is clearly thought-out, widely researched, and practically written. A valuable tool for mission strategists and executives, mission professors, students, and all those for whom the Christian message is an integral part of living with Christ. I pray that this book will be widely used, not only because it’s a good book, but because it comes from a servant of God whose life is a living demonstration.

—Reverend Prince K. Thomas
Immanuel Fellowship Ministries – North India.
Haryana, India.