Identity Crisis or Identity Breakthrough


We just moved to California.  It was a big move; leaving our home in Seattle of 10 years, one daughter, our lovely neighbors, and our community of Missio Lux.  We moved because my husband, Bill, has been commuting back and forth between Seattle and San Francisco for almost 5 years and his company told us it was time to consolidate households.

As identity is continually on my mind, I've been paying particular attention to how the move is affecting my own identity. After all, I've left behind people who knew me, warts and all, and accepted me for who I am.  I left behind a neighborhood where I was respected and loved.  I left behind a house which reflected me to my core, and where people loved to gather. I left behind a daughter, bringing us to a "true empty nest stage" in California.

I just listed a lot of areas where we build our identity.  Our friends, our work, our home, our family.  Take those away and what is left?

A gift.  Our move is an opportunity for me to realize that my identity isn't built on the's built on the truth of how my Heavenly Father defines me.  I am his beloved child in whom he delights.  He delights in me.  Today he gave me a gift. It was a small thing, but it made a big difference to me. I've been watching a lot of worship podcasts on my IPAD and enjoying the combination of the music and the pictures.  But, a couple of weeks ago, the pictures stopped showing up.  I was frustrated to find music combined with a black screen.

So, a couple of days ago I just told my Heavenly Father how much I would like to have the pictures back....I did this before I took it to the Apple store!  Well, guess what?  This morning I felt directed to go to a worship podcast of Kim Walker Smith and suddenly I realized I was watching it too!  It was mysteriously working again.Smile

I am discovering that when our identity is built on the solid foundation of love from our Heavenly Father and truth of his definition for us, I am able to share freely with those around me.  I am not worried about "having enough"....enough time, enough money, enough energy...because I am able to give away what I freely received from my Father.

Today, I received joy from my Heavenly Father and my desire is for those with whom I interact to experience joy as well!

What did you experience today that you can give away to another? I'd love to hear your stories because as we tell them they begin to inspire us to reach for God's best in our lives.