Identity Crisis:

the Great Deception

This morning after my daily phone call** focused on 15 minutes of Scripture, a short reflection and prayer for the day, I got an immediate ring to my phone.  The caller was a young woman with whom I had an identity encounter just one year ago from today.   Diana called me to celebrate her one year adoption day when she stepped into her true identity as a beloved child of God.

When she showed up at my door, Diana* was struggling; struggling to believe she was loved, valued, seen and known.  She didn't believe she deserved to be alive.

In order to know how ludicrous these thoughts were, you have to know her. She is one of the most vibrant, beautiful, talented young women I have ever met.  She draws people to her like a magnet.  So, even I was surprised when I heard the pain pouring out from her.  When she asked to put her head in my lap, I knew that God was going to do something pretty spectacular because she was so ready to receive his tender touch of healing.

He did.  He went straight to the root of those lies that were planted in her in such a young age.  I am continually amazed at the level of deceit the thief plants in us, even as we are carried in our mother's wombs.  As we identified those lies, the truth of Diana's true identity began to form:  she was wanted, she was known, she was loved, she was valued, and her very conception caused a party in heaven.

Today, this young woman is celebrating her adoption day one year ago.  Each and every day, she recognizes the difference which comes from having an identity foundation built on truth that brings life.

Choose life.  Choose death. I am grateful that Diana chose life one year ago. Her choice brings her an abundance of life every day!

*Diana is not her real name

** Daily Phone Call:  open to everyone:  712 432 0800  code 119914#  (announce yourself if in the first two minutes, otherwise, enjoy the time of focus on God and your true identity!  Please mute the call if you are in a noisy location).