Discover the Power of Blessing in your Life!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner . . . are you ready to give thanks for the many blessings in your life?

Thanksgiving is a holiday designed to help us remember to thank God for his blessings. This is a great tradition, but have you ever stopped to consider how God designed blessings to be an ongoing, every day part of our lives? Have you been able to trace the positive outcomes that come from being intentionally blessed?

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Spirit Soul Body Integration

I was all set for my flight. I was on the plane, seatbelt buckled, scanning the movies to make the time fly by! Suddenly, the pilot made an announcement. We needed to deplane because there was “no gas in the plane.” It was grounded. No fuel, no flight. We get this concept in the natural realm. No one questioned that the flight could go without gas. It makes perfect sense, (although not great for traveling schedules!) But, have we stopped long enough to consider the same concept in the supernatural realm?

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Generational Reclamation Agent

GRA’s have the heart, courage and desire to see their family become free from the iniquities and curses of the past and the obstacles of the present. God has appointed at least one Generational Reclamation Agent in every generation of a family bloodline. Their calling is to affect not just their present life, but to see future generations in their family line to be free to follow God without the hindrances and bondages that have hindered their lives and those who came before them.

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